What’s exactly true happiness? 

True Happiness is everywhere
Happiness is everywhere
True happiness lies everywhere. A point well described briefly by -Er. Radhika S. Malhotra
True Happiness is everywhere
True Happiness is everywhere

Wow, What’s exactly true happiness?

No one is exactly sure about it at what level we achieve true happiness.

For a mother like me, true happiness is when I see my daughter happy.

As a wife true happiness is when my husband says you are perfect for me.

As a daughter-in-law, true happiness is when your in-laws treat you as their own daughter.

True happiness is when you see your parents happy and healthy.

Happiness lies in everything you had to find the correct way…

True happiness is not only about your happiness, it is about making your surroundings happy also.

Er. Radhika S. Malhotra

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