Self Love— Me Time

Self Love--- Me Time
Self Love--- Me Time
Self Love--- Me Time by Radhika Malhotra
Self Love--- Me Time
Self Love— Me Time

Generally, when we talk about someone who loves herself/himself more than the other we call him/her selfish. That’s what the thinking of our general society is that if someone is thinking about their own self then the person is selfish. I learnt a lot from my past experience that yes you have to help others, you have to think about others but don’t forget about yourself…

After getting so much backlash in life I realized that it’s high time to think about my own self. If you want to really achieve something in your life listen to what others say but firstly analyze yourself nothing is more important than yourself. If you are OK then you are able to make other things ok.

Many of us heard about postpartum depression which usually happened after baby delivery. The main reason for postpartum depression is that we forget about ourselves due to new responsibilities but as soon as we realise this it is too late.

Self-care can have a positive effect on your health and outlook, but it requires a commitment or intention to invest in your well-being. Self-care promotes positive energy in you. It helps you to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle. You feel more active and connected.

How do you care to take care of yourself?

Do meditation: It helps you to understand yourself, you become more focused, and you will be
able to find out where you are lacking.

Music: Music helps to calm down your body. Listen to your favourite music, it not only calms
you but also provide energy.

Beauty Session: Yes you read is written. A beauty session is one of the best ways of self-care.

Daily take out time to at least 10-15 minutes for a self-beauty session.

Holiday/Trip: Taking a self-care trip can make a huge difference in your life.

Even if you’re not feeling particularly stressed, getting away for a weekend every now and then can help
you disconnect, relax, and be rejuvenated. These self-care trips don’t have to be costly; simply drive to the next town over and see the sights, or go camping nearby. The goal is to move away from your normal schedule and take the time to do something just for yourself.

Self-care can have a positive effect on your health and outlook, but it requires a commitment or intention to invest in your well-being. “Self-care is a choice that each individual can make to proactively take care of their well-being,”

Self-care is about you and within you. Experts also advise self-care practices as it leads to a happy and healthy lifestyle. For patients with chronic diseases like cancer, corona– Self-care does wonders. From a recent experience, my mother was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer last year when covid was at its high peak. The doctor advised immediate surgery. The surgery went well but she moved into depression as she got worried about the future. After too many counseling sessions she realized that she had to wake up on her own and fight out this situation. And after this realization, everything went like a wonder. She fought this deadly disease and now living a healthy life.

Self-care also do wonders for covid patients as they are isolated some people recover very well and some do not. The researchers find out one reason that most patients think about their families at that time like what had happened to them if something wrong happen to me this lead to depression and according to the doctor the medicine something works only when you strongly feel that yes you want to wake up.

Self-love is very much important to know your actual worth. Take time for yourself… Do not depend on others, pamper yourself. Once you start loving yourself automatically everything around you becomes positive. It gives you a boost in your life.

Get up and live your life.

-Radhika Malhotra

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