The Do's and Dont's of Social Media and its impact, positive and negative with a personal touch by Radhika Sabharwal Malhotra

Yes, you understand well from the heading itself Social Media is truly my best buddy. I know many people look towards social media as negative. But as we know coins always had two sides, a head and a tail. If there are some negative aspects, there are also lots of positive aspects as well.

There are lots of people who use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and other social media platforms — some people use it as a learning tool and some people used it as a way of fun.

There are many tools available in social media some of them are used for networking purposes, some of them as used to create awareness, and some of them are meant for entertainment purposes. It covers all the age categories from child to old.

Learning opportunities:-

As we all passed through the crucial period of lockdown where we had to stay at home only. During these days, like most people, I too started using social media to a great extent. I joined various communities related to my field as well as my hobby. I learnt a lot from these groups and it was only possible just because of social media. I came in contact with lots of people. I participated in various contests at that time. So lockdown period is actually my learning phase which was not possible without social media.

Yes, it too had some negative aspects like youth is spending a lot of their time using the internet. Proper knowledge should be given to them so that they also get benefits from it. Being a teacher learning is always my priority and social media is one of the platforms for me to learn, to stay connected with friends and family…

Business Opportunities:-

Social Media proves to be a game-changer for many people. Lots of people nowadays start selling their products and services online which is also possible through social media. If any product was liked by one customer and that customer put a review on social media about the same it worked as indirect marketing for the seller.

Through social media many people got platform to showcase their talent to others.

Negative impact :-

Effects of Social Media
Effects of Social Media

Yes, it too had a negative impact. The main reason why some people think of social media as a negative tool is because of various instances that had happened due to social media involvement. Various cases like forgery, theft, etc had happened in past. The main question is how social media is responsible for such cases?

Lack of proper knowledge. People started using social media without having sufficient knowledge of how to use it safely. Some people reveal their complete details publically on social media it was just like giving your ATM password in the hand of theives.

Some others add people just to increase their connections without knowing much about them. Lots of hackers are also active on Social media who are in search of people having less knowledge about using social media. They firstly gain the trust of the person and then get all the details from them. Youth in search of fame get caught in these kinds of activities very easily.

In order to be safe, one must have proper knowledge about using social media safely. Never reveal your complete information on social media, use privacy settings, never add connections blindly, never update your day-to-day activities on social media, and teach your children about the social media aspects positive as well as negative.

From my personal experience, I can say that there are lots of things that you can do with the help of social media but you need to be careful and wise. Social media is not a one-shot game. Use it, learn about it and go on…

-Radhika Sabharwal Malhotra

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