Oh, WAIT- It’s Life!!!

An interpretation of the picture, WAIT by Radhika Malhotra

WAIT, Oh wait let me think first about what to say.

Exactly, Wait is not just a simple word it had lots of meaning. Sometimes wait is never-ending. It has no
boundaries. Wait is also associated with a person’s emotions.

— For students waiting for the result is more important than waiting for anything else.
—For a mother waiting for her children to come back from their school has different emotions.
—For a traveller waiting for her/his destination.
—For a person waiting for their someone special.

One cannot define wait in simple words. It varies from person to person, time to time…

Waiting is always linked with our expectations more we had expectations less we can wait…

There are lots of up and down in our life the best we can do is to wait for the right time to come and move forward.

I read somewhere and found it very true “ Good things come to those who wait”. The worst part of life is may be waiting and the best part of life is also waiting.

-Er. Radhika S. Malhotra 

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