My happiness when I see the people around me
How they get angry every day
Because it is nice to be in a hurry to be loved only
When I tell people around me
Areca is to be loved

Have those real people around you
Ready to love who we are
And let’s make love every moment
The meaning of everything is always
To love only this world

I know loving someone is everything.
Love is still cheerful and cloudy
The meaning of everything is to love the world around you.
Because the world certainly knows about us
For our natural anomalies

We are phenomena for true happiness
But happiness is when we give love.
Around us, because we provide peace only
When I give a nice word to everyone
Around you, because it’s nice to be a man

And I know that the beauty of everything is only
That we have all the people around us
Ready to love us for who we are
Because sincere happiness is
Being just who I am and who I am!

-Maid Corbic

7 thoughts on “TRUE HAPPINESS IS IN US

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