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Top youngest pen master

Top Youngest Pen Master- Nihaal Neeraj

NaPoWriMo Top Youngest Pen Master – Nihaal Neeraj

The Top Pen Masters for NaPoWriMo 2023 TMC Challenge Acing the charts and wooing with their mesmerizing ink is Nihaal Neeraj who has left us short of words with the precision of his art. Nihaal as ever has performed outstandingly without letting his age be the criteria. Let’s know him a little better.

Role of technology in security

Technology plays a crucial role in security across various domains, providing advanced tools and capabilities to protect individuals, organizations, and nations. Here are some key roles of technology in security: Overall, technology acts as an enabler and force multiplier in security efforts, providing advanced capabilities to detect, prevent, and respond to security threats across physical, …

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