EMOJI- A pack of emotions

EMOJI- A pack of emotions
EMOJI- A pack of emotions
EMOJI- A pack of emotions by Radhika Malhotra
EMOJI- A pack of emotions
EMOJI- A pack of emotions

Whenever we talk about emojis a cute picture comes to everyone’s mind a yellow face smiling at you.

Emoji is like a big package, a package of emotions. It is actually difficult to describe and express the term emotions. Emoji are basically a pictorial presentation of our emotions.

Now-a-days the use of emojis is quite common, especially during the chatting process like WhatsApp, Messenger. We can express our feeling with the help of these cute emojis and that is what they are meant for.

But it is only one side of the truth, emojis are not always used to express feelings they are also used in other ways if you are chatting with someone but you are not really interested in the same you put emoji as the reply to every question. Sometimes you put emojis to make conversation look cool.

As I already told there are lots of emojis available in the package and many of us don’t know the meaning of each and every one of them. It also creates a problem. For example, I remember one instance that happened with my colleague.

We are sitting together and she was chatting with someone and then she showed me her chat as she is unable to put some special symbols. Immediately I saw one of the emojis she used during the chat and I know she won’t know the exact meaning of that emoji as she is very elder than me. I just told her not to use this emoji. Quizingly, she asked what had happened? To which I simply asked her to Google it, please. After seeing the Google result she felt really embarrassed.

Here I am talking about the emoji �� She simply used it as a vegetable but the harsh reality is something else…

The development of emojis was to make people happy and express their feelings well, but due to few people, its meaning was quite difficult to understand. That’s why I always insist everyone whenever you use something new please do detail study on that to avoid such embarrassments.

-Radhika Malhotra

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