Happy Social Media Day 2022

Happy Social Media Day
Happy Social Media Day
A blog emphasizing the perks of social media and apps that help modify and simplify life according to changing times. By Atul Kumar
Happy Social Media Day
Happy Social Media Day

Before 2003 social media was not in our existence. Due to social networks, we now can watch the news even without a TV, on our mobile screen. Earlier, for like about 6 to 7 years it didn’t have an impact on us but after 2013 it first started to impact our life.

First Youtube was launched, making it the best platform for uploading audio and videos.

Then came Facebook, where people love to get in touch with their close friends. The biggest revolution came with the launch of Instagram. Since 2017, it serves as a good platform for an affiliate marketer but its importance increased during Corona.

The online business started to increase with social media apps like My Kiraana for household grocery shopping. Grofers in the metro city made it easier to buy our daily use items like flour, rice, spices, and other such daily essentials.

People have now started earning through Instagram. Its use increases when college, school, and private offices are closed everything was done from home and for doing this we require some online apps like Google Classroom, msteams, and Zoom to attend the online classes and meetings from home itself.

It’s now a good source as most people are connected to fulfill their empty time and making some focusing on earning by making reels on Instagram. Some focus on compiling an anthology to earn from Instagram and some write to earn through Instagram while few others have now even thought to start their business through the social media platform of Instagram.

Now you can even watch TV on your mobile on the app (without the need for TV) like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Hotstar, Youtube, Zee5, and many more OTT platforms for watching movies web series, and even daily news and for kids watching cartoons.

When school was shut off during corona time so they were not able to meet their friends so their screentime increased by watching cartoons, news, movies, and even web series. Social media teach us if you have skills you can even earn from your home by working for only 2 to 3 hrs in a day. People earn lakhs of rupees in one month through affiliate marketing through social media apps like Instagram. Instagram is the best platform to reach more number of people to expand their business and branding.

In corona time people were frustrated weren’t able to go outside for a walk so they were watching reels or something important about studies through YouTube videos by typing the topic that they want to learn and they have the option to choose even through which they can understand the best even biggest platform of education Unacademy also present on social media apps like YouTube and Telegram. It is a good social media app for sharing notes and clearing doubts and best for maths students to practice more and more to improve their past performance. Telegram is also good for downloading movies and web series trending nowadays.

The biggest Social Media platform currently is Twitter even PMs of countries have their Twitter handles and even you get to know about what is happening around the globe. Twitter people think only it is for celebrities and leaders but it isn’t true. through Twitter, the general public can also talk to PM on serious issues and even they can also share their idea on problems like how to reduce road accidents and how to manage waste.

Private companies are focussing on your profile to provide you jobs like marketing, content writer, blog writer, and even engineer and developer. LinkedIn is a better example of that.    

Even the government has launched a good platform for writers YUVA Scheme where the 75  best writers get recognition in form of money. Money is the biggest problem that writers need to have while publishing. Through Twitter, the SSC scam came to light people on not giving results and it was trending on Twitter. no one for two days and it should be because it is the stake of somebody’s struggle goes into vain.

My government is the best app for quizzing and testing our knowledge about the country and government through Facebook or Gmail accounts. Twitter is good against a social issue that is under the control of government officials.

Spotify is the best social media app to listen to songs and get featuring podcasts so you can reach maximum number of people. Spotify is the best platform for video and audio makers, even singers and rapper.

Such are the perks of social media and apps that help modify and simplify life according to changing times.

Use Social Media to the best of your abilities, instead of falling into the trap of time-wasting and addiction. Enjoy and maximize the benefits of social media by using it positively for growing purposes.

Happy Social Media Day 2022!

Atul Kumar

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