Positive Attitude

Positive Attitude
Positive Attitude
Positive Attitude - A poetry on World Mental Health Day by Ankita Bhatia
Positive Attitude
Positive Attitude

In life , good phase

Is what we chase

But we forget 

Bad phase of life is also one of it’s part 

Mess in one’s mind 

Is something no one else can understand 

So the best way 

Is not to distance away 

But to face it strongly 

Because it’s important to be fit mentally

Being healthy both mentally and physically

Is important equally

And same proven medically and scientifically 

Smile on face and keeping yourself  fit

Is something that differently hits

Equip your mind with Positive thoughts 

Inside you , let the beauty  import 

And let go the darkness that has hurt you a lot

Eat your favourite or meet your friends ,

sing or dance 

Read or write

Do whatever that makes your heart light 

Do whatever you want , take a chance 

Just enjoy and enhance 

Going through good or worst 

No one else takes interest 

So work upon yourself , look after your personal growth

And you will achieve the path

Path of success 

Path of happiness 

Just because things messed up right now

Don’t be a sad bird

Don’t be like a nerd 

Just treat yourself with something wow

Make time for yourselves

Exit your comfort zone 

Note down what you want to achieve 

Tell yourself yes you can do it 

Acknowledge your strengths and 

Let go your weaknesses

Having a positive attitude and 

Establishing atmosphere full of positivity around

Allows you to be out of your mental illness

Love yourself to the fullest and 

Thank god for all the good you

Have instead of worrying about what you don’t have

-Ankita Bhatia 

Positive Attitude for Mental Positivity

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