Motherhood Depression

Pregnancy Depression
Pregnancy Depression

“You aren’t alone, who’s going through this phase.

Everyone suffers from a bit of anxiety while welcoming a new entrant into their lives.

Pregnancy and childbirth is an important phases in every woman’s life but you are behaving as if you’re the only one whose tolerating this”

They say
Don’t they have the heart to discern
That with the child, the mother too is reborn
With the change in her schedules
Her priorities and lifestyle changes
Her emotions are left uncared for

Postpartum depression
Postpartum depression

As the world gets busy embracing the new guest
And if she complaints, she is criticized
She suffers sleepless nights and mood fluctuations
Leading to depression
But no one understands her situation

Her smile masks her pain
Physical and emotional
As she tries hard to fight her situation
All that she needs is a shoulder to lean upon
To vent out her feelings about all that’s going on in her brain

Is it that difficult for her near and dear one’s to understand that they just try to hush up the situation by saying “It’s a necessary change.”

-Ashu Verma Chaubey

Motherhood Depression

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