Still Waiting!!! Long Distance Love

Still Waiting!!!
Still Waiting!!!

Long-distance love is a phase that happened years ago.

It was midnight when he told me that the next morning he has his flight to Chennai for his higher studies. I was happy about his coming bright future but also felt upset deep down inside as we were going to distance ourselves from each other. Have heard a lot that long-distance love doesn’t work, but we trusted each other so greatly that we promised, we will make it.

The moment he left Ranchi, I felt that something from my heart has loosened up. While I smiled and made myself stronger and said we will make it. A week passed and I was waiting for his call and text, like is he fine? 

And after a week, in the evening I received the call, that he is fine but the network is very problematic where he is going to reside.

Yes, we didn’t talk daily, don’t chat either, nor could meet on special occasions, but whenever he called, it was no less than a surprise occasion. 

Thanks to the tech-friendly era, we could see each other via video calls, and connect through social media. 

Of course, every coin has two sides, he went because of his career but it impacted our love life.

The only problem with long distances is unbalanced communication.

Well, I trusted him and had full faith that he would call when he would find time and I am still waiting!

Still Waiting!!!

-Ankita Sinha

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