Cage of Fear

Cage of Fear
Cage of Fear
Cage of Fear- A hard-hitting poetry on domestic violence by Ankita Bhatia
Cage of Fear
Cage of Fear

For the rest of her life,

She chose a partner

Or a cage of fear

She herself was unaware.

Giving her best, still, she was like a bird caged in her nest.

It was a home she dreamt beautifully to live in peace

Or a place where her soul was destined to rest in peace.

Domestic Violence or Abuse we say

When everything from the outside, jolly it portrays

Within four walls, what happens, no one can say

Where a single thing if she disobeys

It would be suffocating for her to pass the day

A small delay on her part,

Would be the reason for the scars on her face & heart.

-Ankita Bhatia

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