Mental Health and its Importance

Mental Health & its Importance
Mental Health & its Importance
Mental Health and its Importance by our Guest Blogger-Rishu Sharma
Mental Health & its Importance
Mental Health & its Importance

What is Mental Health? Why is it important?

For leading a happy and balanced life, mental and physical health plays an important role. In today’s modern world, we often find people struggling with various mental disorders. Our mental health has a direct effect on how we think, feel and behave. People often misconceptualized the meaning of mental health. It is a state of emotional, social, and psychological well-being. How people handle situations, stress, and the choices they make tells a lot about their mental health.

Our bodies and minds are interconnected with each other and affect our lifestyles and behavior. Mental health is not just about the mental and emotional condition of a person, it’s about how an individual is using perceptive and emotional powers in life. How people cope with traumatic experiences, failures, rejections, and other problems they encounter in life, tells a lot about their mental strength and capability to deal with various situations and circumstances.

Importance of Mental Health

●Mental health affects the overall personality and lifestyle of a person. It plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy relationships with other people. If we are not mentally fit, then it might affect how we interact with other people.

● It affects our physical health. Mental and physical health are linked with each other. Any kind of mental illness can induce stress and affect the immune system of a person. A sick mind can lead to anxiety and stress and refrain us from being active and positive.

● How we feel on the inside is equally important as how physically healthy we are. If we take care of our emotional well-being, then naturally we will be more productive and effective in everything we do in life.

● Its awareness can help in the reduction of suicide rates. Studies show that about 60% of people who commit suicide had mental conditions such as major depression, mania, and bipolar disorder. Therefore, it is essential to create awareness among people about the importance of mental health.

● It has a huge impact on the quality of life. With an unhealthy mind, we can’t lead a happy life. If we are mentally and physically fit, then only we can lead a happy and balanced life.

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Seek Medical Help

We live in the 21st century and still, we hesitate to talk about mental health issues. Everyone needs to understand that for leading a happy life. Mental and physical health are equally important. If we have a problem with any of our body parts, we immediately take a doctor’s help, but why do we hesitate in seeking professional help if we are not emotionally well? People should understand that physical and emotional well-being is the key to success in aspects of life. Psychological and physical health are interconnected with each other.

Every year October 10 is observed as World Mental Health Day. The main objective of this day is to create awareness about the importance of mental health. It is important to change the negative mindset of people about mental illness and disorders. People need to get rid of the stigma associated with diseases. Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and counselors are there to help people who are not emotionally and psychologically fit.

Don’t feel embarrassed admitting to mental illness and seeking medical help. Be positive and take help whenever you need it.  Positive mental health allows you to enjoy all the activities you want to participate in. A more positive outlook on life is beneficial to your mental health. Positive Thinking is the key to good mental health. Stay Positive, Stay Happy!

-Rishu Sharma

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