Food is Valuable

Food is valuable
Food is valuable
Food is valuable. A blog, a little diverse from nutrition emphasizing the importance of food by Miss Writer

In our life, there are three basic and essential things which is the necessity for us, humans. There are some people who are still not getting these three amenities but then too they are trying their hard. The essential things are as follows: food, clothing, and shelter. So here I’m going to say something about the first essential thing. 

Food is valuable
Food is valuable

What is food? 

Food is the one that nourishes our body and reduces our hungry. When we are hungry we have some food, and after that our stomach gets full. But there are some people who are still not getting the importance of food. They think that we don’t grow it so we can waste it. But it’s not like that.

Except for food, one live for maybe 5 or 10 days but then too doesn’t waste food. Because what you’re now getting it’s not necessary that you’ll get it every time. Just understand the meaning and stop wasting the things which you’re getting because maybe the other one is helpless to get it. Just be mature in thinking and also in your act, and try to understand what the other persons are facing. Because one time will surely come when you’ll be regretful that why I’d done like that or acted like that way.


Food is the only thing,

Which nourishes us,

It gives us more energy,

And never let us power down.

Food is awesome,

Whether it is made by mother or father,

Or it never differs by anything,

Always taste same for everyone.

Food is the precious one,

We shouldn’t waste it,

Because it’s valuable and also nutritional,

Along with some are healthy for our body.

Foods can be made by different methods,

By frying, grilling, boiling, etc,

It can also be made by adding,

Some additional tasty masalas.

Kadai, Tawa and also the cooker,

Those are the items in which we cook food,

There are also many types of frying,

Like shallow fry, deep fry, etc.

Food can be divided into many types,

Some likes to eat junk food,

Or likes to eat home made food,

Because it’s just a food and not our mood that can change in few moments.

-Miss Writer

By this poem, I just want to acknowledge the concept and importance of food because there are few who literally understand it and don’t do that. Just try to understand what I’m trying to make you understand and hope that you’ll get the meaning.

Have you gone to any marriages or parties?

If yes, so you might have seen what they are doing. I’m not against weddings or parties or something like that, but I’m saying the only concept which is food. Many of you maybe have seen what’s happening in marriages. When I come to the food category, people take a full plate and waste the half plate. Like they’re proudly taking the full plate but due to some reason, they’re unable to finish it. And hence, those foods are thrown in the dustbin. After that, those foods are distributed among the poor people, and they eat that food so nicely that they have a single piece of food and nothing remains on the plate.

This is the difference between these two types of people. So you all say in which type you should be in. My motive is to get you all to acknowledge the importance of food because it’s among the basic essentials, and also no one can live their life peacefully. 

Do you know what the doctors saying about food?

Doctors are saying that if we don’t have food properly we’ll be having problems related to the stomach and due to that many other problems can occur. So it’s important to have 3 main meals breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If we skip snacks it doesn’t matter much, but if we skip any of these among the main meals so we definitely going to suffer a lot. And this can’t let us live our life peacefully, calmly, and happily.

So the secret behind living life peacefully and happily, is to have proper food and be hydrated, because as food is important, water is also important. There are many problems which are related to water too. So make sure you’ll not skip your meals and don’t waste the food, also make others aware of this.

Thank you to everyone you’ve read this one. If you’ve understood the message behind this so just do it. Because by seeing one, everyone starts doing it. Like when you see a monkey, they copy the same actions which we are doing. So initiate with yourself first and later see what will happen.

Hope you all liked this article on food and the importance of food. More articles will be coming soon so read that too. Understand the importance of food and don’t waste it. Because as there’s food, there’s nutrition. Without food, there wouldn’t be nutrition or life, and as there’s life, we all exist in this world.

-Miss Writer

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