Lord Ganapathi…

Lord Ganapathi
Lord Ganapathi
Lord Ganapathi by Pavithra Srinivasan

“Don’t show ego with the person who you had affection and who had affection on you..as life is too short and there is no time for regrets , spend each a second with affection and Go with flow…”

Lord Ganapathi
Lord Ganapathi

God’s life is also similar to our life. Even Shiva due to ego just cut the head of Ganapathi. Hence he worried about it later. So, we should think before we do a thing.

The same goes for Ganapathi as he commanded Shiva badly with ego and hurt at last. We can learn from God. Hence Ganapathi is fond one by many people…

“3 things to remember in 2022…

Be truth…

Always be happy

Be kind to others and avoid ego”…

As I said we should avoid ego and Ganapathi is a role model of being happiest as he is the happiest…

Ganapathi has been as foremost god… He is known for his smarter as we hear a story about Ganapathi where he intelligently got a fruit from his parents by winning Murugan.

-Pavithra Srinivasan

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