Importance of Ozone

Importance of Ozone
Importance of Ozone
Importance of Ozone by Miss Writer on World Ozone Day

Hi Readers, today I want you all to know the importance of ozone layer over the planet Earth. 

Ozone is an irritating pale blue gas that is explosive and toxic, even at low concentrations. It occurs naturally in small amounts in Earth’s stratosphere, where it absorbs solar ultraviolet radiation, which otherwise could cause severe damage to living organisms on Earth’s surface. © Ozone layer

Importance of ozone layer over the planet Earth

 Ozone is the layer which is covered over our Planet Earth. This usually disappears when we, humans, start destroying with our own hands. It keeps our Planet Earth, warm and safe from the UV rays of the sun. The UV rays of the sun can burn our skin if the ozone layer didn’t exist. It keeps us safe from the UV rays of the sun and even from diseases that can affect our bodies in a very harmful and painful way. It shouldn’t get time destroyed because if this wouldn’t exist then our life would be harmful and injurious to our health. 

In this world, no one cares for our Planet Earth. Everyone is busy with their life and just couldn’t focus on cleanliness and also couldn’t say it to the other one if they ever saw people that they’re spreading waste around them. 

Planet Earth is our mother. It provides us with basic amenities like food, shelter, and clothing and now education is also being added to it. Sometimes, people are unable to get basic amenities, maybe due to manmade or natural damage made to the environment. It always makes people think that they’re helpless and poor because they even can’t afford their own expenses.

The ozone layer sometimes causes and makes our life like a hell, like it can burn our own body with the UV rays of the sun, which can badly affect our body. The things which can control are just words to say because no one can understand our Planet Earth’s problems which she’s suffering for many years. 

It’s necessary for us to get these basic amenities. Because it’s our responsibility which we should get. We should be literate and should be responsible because, in our country, there are many people who always try to trap people, as they’re innocent and unknown to education. 

Importance of Ozone
Importance of Ozone

Mother Earth just needs some time to heal herself and for that, we humans should help her because we’re the only ones who’ve destroyed her from the inside. In order to prevent the ozone layer from hazardous and dangerous things, we should keep them safe and should avoid the things which make them harmful. So it’s our responsibility to keep it safe and secure so that we can live a life in a calm and peaceful way. 

During festivals, most pollutions happen in our environment. Air pollution can occur by firecrackers burning during the Diwali festival. Water pollution occurs when the animals are washed in the river or when the wastages are thrown in the river. Sound pollution also happens when the firecrackers are burned during the Diwali festival. 

In order to keep our motherland safe, we should take initiative, because no one takes initiative. We shouldn’t burn fireworks during Diwali because it creates air pollution. It can affect our bodies with dangerous things and doesn’t keep us safe. In water pollution, we can include that washing clothes, animals, and other industrial waste that affects our lives in a very bad and harmful way. Sometimes, some bad pollutants make destroy the ozone layer over our Planet Earth.

Thank you to everyone who has read my blog. Soon other blogs will be coming your way. I hope you liked this one that emphasizes the importance of ozone layer for planet Earth.

From this, I wanted to make you understand how much our Planet Earth is important to us. Please try to understand what I’m trying to make you all understand. We shall make a move towards the progress and development of our Planet Earth.

We all should think about this once and should be noted. Because securing our mother earth is not only our responsibility but also it can keep us safe from the diseases or the UV rays of the sun or the dangerous light which can damage our body very quickly. We all should plant a sapling because it can increase the oxygen ratio, as the oxygen ratio will be increased so we won’t suffer air pollution. We should stop cutting trees for our own sake because it not only affects humans but also it affects birds, animals, and other living organisms.

Understanding and spreading awareness about the importance of ozone layer is of prime importance.

Hoping that our Planet Earth will recover itself soon. It’s a request to you all that please join the group on Improving Earth’s health so that it would be beneficial to everyone.

-Miss Writer

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