Lord Ganeshaji – The Savior

Lord Ganeshaji
Lord Ganeshaji
Lord Ganeshaji by Miss Writer
Lord Ganeshaji
Lord Ganeshaji

| God is the one who knows everything,

And gives us what we actually need in our life.|

A letter to God 

“God, you’re so good that you’ve made us i.e. we humans. But why you created anger, jealousy, and frustration in us, i.e. humans? There are many things but among them, these three are very common in our life and also in person. Sometimes it destroys the person, and sometimes it destroys the other person.

I don’t know how to thank you, but along with that, I also have some complaints from you. I’m not saying do any good thing, but I’m saying that please remove all these negative things from our life and give us a peaceful and happy life.”

Poem on Lord Ganeshaji

God which makes us best,

Sometimes people think that God is waste,

Don’t think like that ever,

Otherwise you’ll not get succes in your life and never.

God always helps us in our bad time,

Not believing him is kind of a crime,

Don’t wanted to make it rhyme,

I not only pray God in break time,

But we can pray God everytime.

Once upon a time…

Here I’m going to say a story that is devotional, spiritual, and also inspirational for the readers and this story can also give you motivation. 

Story Telling
Story Telling

There was a student who was not spiritual or religious. He didn’t believe in God but his family always prayed to God for his better life. His family had tried to convince him that God exists but that student failed to agree that it’s not right what you’re thinking.

The student’s name was Vishnu, and his family was keeping his name as Virat but changed to Vishnu because he doesn’t believe in God, and for convincing him, they changed the name to Vishnu. 

After 2 months, he was having exams which made him in tension. This was the one thing with which he was afraid, and every time he acts like a baby. He’s still in the eleventh standard but then too he acts like a seven-year-old child. He always says that he won’t give exams and will skip those days. But every time, his mother convinces him to give exams.

a person taking an exam

This time he was very confident that he’ll pass with colorful marks. He was so sure that he hadn’t started his studies. Later when 7 days were left, he started his studies. He was so confident that he used to study for only 2 hours a day. But before he used to spend his day with books only. 

Why suddenly this change in behaviour happened to him? His parents too came in tension that why he’s doing like this? That’s why they asked him but when he replied to that question, that made his parents more angry and anxious. The answer he gave was ‘I don’t believe in God and you all believe in God, so if you all believe then I’ll not study this one, and let’s see whether your god will help me to give me colourful marks in this examination. But I know that he’s not in this world, so that’s why I want to make you understand that God doesn’t exist.’  

His exams came and he goes to give exams with overconfidence. This time he wasn’t anxious or frightened as always, but instead, he was happy and overconfident. After 2 weeks, his exams got over. In the third week, he got his exam results. 

Lord Ganeshaji exists or not?

He was feeling relaxed but when the results time came near he was anxious and also frightened. He was having tension that whether he’ll pass or fail. His parents started praying to God for his good marks.

Late, when his results came, he had done top in the whole University. He was so much happy that he wasn’t able to understand how this happened? Because he had studied only 20% and the paper was from the rest 80% which he hadn’t studied. 

My Lord Ganeshaji

Later he started believing in God and apologized many times to God for not believing. He was not so spiritual or religious earlier, but now he’s very spiritual and religious. He worships and prays to God every morning, whenever he wakes up from his sleep. He had changed so much that his parents were feeling proud and grateful that lastly, he changed himself.

Believe in Lord Ganeshaji

Life lesson:

We shouldn’t be overconfident at any time. Because being overconfident doesn’t mean that God is there to help you. We should believe and should have faith in God because he’s the one who decides what to give us, and what to remove from our life.

This not only shows disrespect but also insults that we don’t believe in God. If anyone is helpless to God, so he or she shouldn’t do such things just to see god’s grace or power. Because he notices everything, what we expect and we don’t, that’s why there’s nothing secret to God.

Just be confident and never lose your hope, and as always, God is there for every honest, hardworking, and good-by-heart person. God is always there to help those who actually need help, but not those who act as if they need help.

– Miss Writer 

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