Importance of Literacy

Importance of Literacy
Importance of Literacy by Miss Writer
Importance of Literacy

Importance of Literacy

Literacy is the ability to read and write. And I want to explain to you the meaning of this line very briefly. Literacy is what we should be proud of if we know it.

As we should not hide our emotions or talent, likewise, we shouldn’t hide from people that we are literate. There are still some people who don’t know anything or some are like who don’t know what is this. Literacy helps us to fulfill our dreams and to be self-dependent and follow the path which is legal and be known to the environment what’s going around. Being literate, not only helps us in some places but also saves us from bad work or illegal work.

The people who are illiterate, it’s very difficult for them to face any problem. Anyone can take anything from them and they’ll not be knowing that what they’ve lost. Being literate, it’s very important and necessary that we shouldn’t be overly proud or overconfident that now no one can do fraud with me.

In the same case, literate persons are also being frauded. So it’s necessary that whatever you’ve you should keep it safe and hidden from the people around you. Because you can’t identify which people are good and which are bad. Some people are there who act as good at first and later change their behaviour within a minute. So be aware of that always.


Slogans on Literacy

Let’s start studying one by one,

Not taking it as fun.

Studyind is very important in our life,

If not done, it can be the knife.

(Which can make our life full of problems)

Importance of Literacy

Short story on Literacy

Once in a village, a girl used to live with her family. She was happy and also honest, but not literate. Her parents were not having much money for her studies, so they engaged her in household chores. But her maternal uncle took her out of the village to the city and got her admission in a school.

Later after years, she became a lawyer. And when she was in the city, in the village, her mother was being frauded and she was broken and was crying when she reached home. And no lawyer was ready to hold that case.

Later as that girl was literate and a lawyer too, she fought her own mother’s case and won the case. The fraudsters gave her money back. And her mother was very much happy that she had helped her to get the money back.

Now she’s not against being literate. She understood the importance of literacy and that’s why she too started the journey of being literate. 

Thank you readers for reading this. I hope you all will like this and will understand what’s the true meaning of literacy.

-Miss Writer

Importance of Literacy

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