Friendship Journey through Teasing to Teaching

Friendship Journey
Friendship Journey through Teasing to Teaching by Radhika Malhotra
Friendship journey
Friendship Journey

Friendship is one of the bestest creation of God where two people are attached to each other not by blood but by heart. Those who find true friends in their life are the luckiest ones.

A true friend is one who is present for you in every moment of life whether it’s good or bad. I am the lucky one that I am also blessed with true friends.

Yes, I have a few but they all are true. They are the supporting pillars of life. Whether they are present in my good times or not but they are always with me on my bad days. It is just because of this beautiful relationship that I got one more relationship, my husband.

Yes, we used to be best friends. My mentor at my job place. We become friends as we share the same thoughts and she is a kind of blessing to me. As we had an age gap she had more life experience and she shares it with me and guide me as well. Though I left that job due to shifting, we are still connected to each other and share everything with each other.

Our friendship journey is very precious, we tease each other, and we teach each other.

-Radhika Malhotra

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