Be Your Kind Of Beautiful

Be Your Kind Of Beautiful
Be Your Kind Of Beautiful
Be Your Kind Of Beautiful by Sudipta Mishra
Be Your Kind Of Beautiful
Be Your Kind Of Beautiful

Be Your Kind Of Beautiful, By Driving Away Toxicity

Be Your kind of Beautiful: Be beautiful. Beauty doesn’t lie in external features. It also doesn’t focus on the features of a fashionista. I mean nurture your inner bud to flourish into a magnificent flower.

After some years of experiencing life with a microscopic glance, I have concluded. Ego is the most undesirable mindset that kills the beauty of your soul. Let’s take an instance. While meeting with our friends, and relatives, after a long gap, no more do we rejuvenate our old memories nowadays. Why?

Rather ego comes amidst the web of that relationship. Hence, either we boast about our achievements or hide in the dark cloud of the so-called social media. It is because of our egos that we are forcibly pervading ourselves to open up to each other. So, come out and discard the fog of ego that has been continuously clouded with vanity and false reputation. Leave the mask of ego to develop interpersonal communication skills. Introspect and reflect on your childhood memories to cherish the flower of a relationship.

It’s because of the charm of memories, that we thrive in life. It’s not your job to like me; it’s mine! Sprinkle some amount of self-love into your life by adding the spices of confidence and attitude. Nurture your well-being. Trust yourself. Love yourself so much that you will not require anyone to complete your happiness in life. Always consider another person’s love as an addon to thy life.

Last, but not least, let’s discuss flourishing in our life by discarding the toxic elements altogether. How do we drive away toxic elements from our life? Life is a fusion of good and evil entities. Everyone knows it. It is okay to feel shy, nervous, or lonely sometimes. It is the internal fear that is evoking such negative energies within us. Often, we end up becoming victims of toxic people in our life. Hence, how can we drive away such toxic relationships from our lives?

1. Negative ones are the worst entities who always find shortcomings in you.

2. They always create a vague argumentative aura in which one struggles even for breathing!

3. They can never digest your success.

4. They usually try to dig out your shortcomings through which they can injure you through satire.

So, we have to stay out of these negative vibrations. How to make the best out of the worst? Seek happiness by surrounding yourself with positivity.

1. Positive ones are the energy boosters who are enriched with optimism and hope.

2. They seek happiness in your success.

3. At your weak moments, they always boost you like a guiding star.

Don’t feed on negative people by offering them your presence. Rather, offer them your avoidance. Ignore them. Thus, by discarding such negative vampires, we can create a toxic-free environment in our life. Hence, we can cherish positive relationships in our life. The beauty of life will then be cherished and celebrated.

-Sudipta Mishra

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