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A blog on Finding Happiness- REVEL by Roopal Arora

Life is all about finding happiness in everything that you do.


When you are not seeking anything, it will find its way to you. Happiness is also a way to find what you are looking for within your present life. Love is in the little things of life. Find delight in small things and they will continue to grow.

Sometimes you find exactly what you were looking for before you even realized you were looking for it. Embrace the good things in the present instead of trying to think about the pain in life. Find happiness in discovering what makes your soul beautiful.

Do not miss out on something that could be perfect just as it could also be difficult. Follow your soul. It knows the way. Keep your heart free from distress. Letting go sets down the pain and allows you to move forward in life without that pain to hold you anymore. Seek happiness, not perfect things.

You find yourself again, as when you do, you are going to embrace who you see. You have the chance to choose what purposeful you will do today, even if you have some problems. There’s a lot that goes right in life. Look beyond the flaws, under the pain, through the past, and into the capability.

Sometimes all we need in life are little, blissful things. It is the happy things that get us through the day. Take a step back and look at your life with love every now and then. You will be able to find just enough hope, and happiness to get through the difficulties. No matter how difficult things are, there’s always something blissful to keep us going forward.

Roopal Arora 

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