Effects of Social Media

Effects of Social Media
Effects of Social Media
A well-described blog on effects of social media by Roopal Arora
Effects of Social Media
Effects of Social Media

The world is getting closer with the rise of social media. The most significant benefit is the increase in the speed of communication. Messages are getting sent within seconds.

People with similar interests are coming together to form groups for a purpose. Many artists are getting famous with the use of social media. Different ways of doing different things are being created and spread.

Social network creates motivation and inspires people to develop passion, try something new and speak up about things that matter to them.

Social media can help you make and keep friends. It fosters empathy. It allows for speedy communication. It encourages us to learn and grow. It helps you build relationships. It can help individuals connect and deepen their relationships. It helps information spread faster in life. It helps you find common interests and purposes. It is capable of having a positive impact on society.

It is a community based on input, interaction, content sharing, and collaboration. People can share memories and connect with friends and communicate. People can use the internet to create, share knowledge and develop new ways of teaching, and learning that captivate and stimulate learners’ imagination anytime, anywhere. By connecting and empowering learners, and educators we can speed up
economic growth and enhance well being of society. We should work together over a network to build a global learning society.

Learners can work interactively with one another, unrestricted by physical or time constraints. It is a process for enhancing the way of building knowledge. It is bringing culture closer to more people, making it more easily and quickly accessible, and it is nurturing the rise of new forms of expression for art and the spread of knowledge. It has a great impact on culture, it is beneficial for innovation which brings achievement in all fields, creation of goods, services, and advance of knowledge.

The purpose of communication seems to be fulfilled from the outside but the soul of communication seems to have been lost. The speed of communication might have been increased but reliability has received a great downfall.

Chances of good and meaningful communications are reducing day by day. Overusing social media leads to a decrease in informative skills. It can affect their thinking and creativity skills.

Social media has given us a lot of online friends. People close to each other are now going far apart. People are much more interested in interacting with their online friends instead of the real ones. The real thoughts have all become abstract now. People are losing their natural tendencies and behaving like slaves of technology.

It is affecting our relationships and decreases the quality of interpersonal communication. Social media is just changing the way of communication. It has reduced the barriers to communication, making it easier for everyone to convey their thoughts. It also helps widen our knowledge. It can bring a positive perspective on life.

When creating and sharing content with people around you, there is no limit to how far it can go. Social platforms are a great way to share your creativity and get motivated. It has become significant in spreading awareness about social issues. Learning is closer than ever. Regulation and restriction on the use of social media can lead us towards faster, more efficient, and reliable communication.

-Roopal Arora

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