To My Immortal Love

To My Immortal Love
A sentimental letter to my dear dad, by Harshita Udani
My Immortal Love
To My Immortal Love

There isn’t a day that passes by, without having thought if how a person so young, yet so old enough, provided the best life for his family?

How he never failed to amaze me with what he did for each and everyone who Crossed his life in that short span of his being on this mortal world?

Yet, very few, actually people who can be counted at top of my finger have ever appreciated his love, sacrifice, his devotion, and commitment to a relationship he maintained. 

I’m more than proud and happy to be the daughter of such a king, who is beyond compare.

Selfless, and pure, his love was so unconditional. He taught me what love meant. What it feels like to live and finally even fade off for someone you truly love. 

Your short journey with us has such a big impact, that life seems incomplete, a maze with a missing piece. Even when complete, yet never looks pleasantly complete. Words fail to show how much you are missed. 

The wish to have you back, even when practically impossible, doesn’t stop me from hoping that someday, I’ll see you again. That wait and hope keep me going. Hope like always, you won’t fail me and will keep my hope alive by embracing me the way you did. I’ll always wait in the hope to fall back in those arms that gave me the most love, safety, care, and unconditional happiness. 

Nothing can match what you and I shared and I know even today you are still there, showering all of it on me, and hence even with the emptiness, I’m still happy and hopeful. 

See you soon Papa. Love you beyond words, and miss you beyond compare. You are and will always be My Immortal Love!

Your love, 


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