Protect Earth, For a Lively Universe

Protect Earth
Protect Earth
A small gesture through inspirational poetry, dedicated to saving our planet by S Afrose
Protect Earth
Protect Earth

It’s our duty to protect Earth from all sites of thunderbolt strikes

This earth is our lovely hub

How can see only demonic mirth?

This is the most dangerous thing Global warming is soul capturing

Need to stop this devil’s dance

Let us hold all hands as beloved.

To protect earth for a lively universe

Where we aren’t feeling so helpless dear

Better to best for beating rest

Our lovely universe can’t be faded.

Due to so called civilization

We are losing all natural rhythms

We can’t see that kingdom of plants

Where so many green leaves are dancing everytime?

What’s wrong with all of us

How can we forget that blissful earth

So many plants beneath azure’s hub

The fragrance of air is full of oxygen’s arts.

Now all are seemed so artificial

The plant is losing it’s pride

There’s not so much oxygen on air

Breath in air is the prime concern.

If we want that blissful earth

We must restore the fragrance of Earth

By forgetting all experimental arts

Need to make a potential change for a lively universe.

(C) S Afrose, Bangladesh

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