The Dove is Here!!!

the dove is here
The Dove is Here!!!
The Dove is Here!!! by S Afrose
the dove is here
The Dove is Here!!!

The Dove is Here

Don’t shed your tears

They are rare

They are your treasures

As the golden petals.

It’s time to sing

The song from deepest heart

The dove is here

To spread message.

That message is for all

Don’t forget your lovely soul

How beautiful

Let’s make the dreamy pool.

That pool will help

To drench all minds

To wash away all rifts

For a new earth.

That earth is waiting

To shower glittered drops

With peaceful hub

For all by forgetting racism.

Now it’s time

To build peaceful mart

To show the gallery of heart

That is full of lovely arts.

Don’t forget dear all

You all are so precious

Be happy to be here

As the best creations of God.

You have all magical thoughts

To build a new platform

Why don’t use with lovely heart

Peaceful earth is the prime art.

– S Afrose

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