Human Greed has no end

Human Greed
Human Greed
Another thought-provoking blog on global warming and its relation to human greed. Are we really going blind with greed? A must read by Rekha Mittal Gupta
Human Greed
Human Greed

Are we even aware of the danger looming over our heads??

I doubt, coz had we been aware, we would have put a full stop to human greed, the never-ending greed…

The Kerala floods were a trigger warning but have we stopped using plastic, NO, a very big NO.

I sometimes really wonder who invented this plastic and why; and did he not realize the threat it would pose to our environment.

I see reels and movie clips where there is excess wastage of water and natural resources but there’s no stopping them, after all, entertainment is more important than oxygen and nature. Fireworks and fire scenes are filmed with clouds of smoke emitting into the air, but again entertainment ke agey ozone layer gayi tel lene.

Students are asked to prepare posters to stop deforestation, and use less paper on the paper itself. What an irony!!! After all, studies are important, trees bache na bache.

There are lectures on recycle, reuse and reduce, still, students are discouraged from using second-hand books. In fact, the school changes the curriculum the next year. Bhaiya, if the school will earn money, then only our kids will earn an education.
Tell me friends, did we not buy groceries, clothes, and other items before this mall system came into existence? We bought, indeed we bought, that too in scorching heat without complaining and without falling ill.

But now, we fall ill even in covering a non AC distance between car parking and mall. We are pampering our bodies and then complaining of obesity, weak immune systems, and illness.

We are trapping ourselves in a vicious circle. To beat the heat, we need AC, which in turn emits dangerous gases in the air, which increases global warming and in turn more heat and we again need AC to beat the increased heat.

These are scenarios on a very small scale.

Look at the big picture which is taking us to our doom – what caused the burning of lungs of the earth – THE AMAZON FORESTS.

What is now causing the burning of AAREY FORESTS of Maharashtra?

Where is the end to human greed? Who will put a stop to this greed? Does the end of the human species the only resort?

-Rekha Mittal Gupta

Human Greed

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