The Melody of Summer 

the melody of Summer
The Melody of Summer

Oh! I can hear the soothing songs of the cuckoo,

Far from the distant hill, with a shrill voice, she sings 

The waves of the blue sea 

With the charismatic shaft of unruly sunny days  

My soul craves for refreshing holidays 

With my agile mind, I bid all goodbye

I pack my bag to join the carnival of my village plays 

Also, I rejuvenate my hectic being with the magical  treat of sundaes 

Sometimes I quench my thirsty  soul with blue-green red -black yellow-orange  beverages

With my bag packed with summer clothes, 

I unravel my quest for the countryside   

with thrills of yesteryear 

The melody of Summer

©Dr Sudipta Mishra

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