Mom – Like No One Other

grayscale photography of woman and baby
Mom- Like no one other
Mom- a word with numerous emotions. Penned a short poem on this wonderful being by Parvez Hasan
Mom- Like no one other

Mom, Aai, Maa, Ammi –
Numerous names, one emotion.
I know I mean more to my mother, than what she means to me,
Even though she has my utmost devotion.

My first teacher, my first friend,
I can’t count how many ‘firsts’ she has been for me.
A shoulder to cry on, a caring ear to lend –
She comes to hear my woes, and turns them into glee.

One can be born a lady, but one only becomes a mother,
Not by just giving birth, but loving and caring like no one other!

Parvez Hasan

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