Mother – 8th Wonder of the World

A Sweet little Poem on Mother by Bidisha Chakraborty

The radiant hues of the autumnal sunshine,
Her presence glorifies dark epithets
She’s like the twilight
Of the evening horizon
Enhances all withdrawals of life

Mother, you are the backdrop of evergreen,
Stands strict to nurture and love,
The passionate resemblance of aesthetics
Succumbs all irresistible ardors

Mother, the rarest gems of Universe
Heartfelt of understandings for you is minimal,
How you sacrifice everything
So beautifully,
Is worthy of mentioning
You are the unleashing truth
Of eternal divinity,
Your contributions stands
Beyond definition, beyond any measure
Are you the eighth wonders of the Earth?

Mother, the beholder of kindness
You are the passionate blossom
Of an unrecognized fondness,
Motif of spontaneous compassion
Whether Black, red, white
Vary in physicality,
But never in motherhood

Mother, you are container of peace,
Infinite happiness,
Forever sustaining your young ones,
If heaven exists
Then within you,
You are ocean’s depth
Where I exist with utmost cuddles
Your smile is a new season on Earth
Since you intake venom,

Mother, you are elixir
That rejuvenates all aspects of life.

-Bidisha Chakraborty
Happy Mother’s Day!

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