The Great Emperor- Motherhood

a pregnant woman wearing a floral crown while sitting on the ground
Crowned Motherhood
Crowning Motherhood, the great emperor is a poetry by S. Afrose
Crowned Motherhood
Crowned Motherhood

She is the  great emperor
She knows to operate
The kingdom of family
With love and lively smile

She is known as a woman
She is turned to a warrior
She is concerned about all states
She is entitled— the great emperor

The journey is started at that time
When she is enjoying the Motherhood’s crown
From an ordinary state to a special one
Being a mother— the most gracious turn

She has taken so many responsibilities
Need to make the safe staircase
A mother is the protective spirit
A mother is the hub of happiness

Need to make each way so lovely
Showing caring heart and support her
When a baby comes on earth
Paradise falls upon all of us

During that state of life
She is struggling so much
But her smile is always glittered
She is weaving the dreamy tower

It’s our duty to protect her
At each step with safety treasure
Motherhood is the most prestigious platform
It makes oneself to a great emperor

The great emperor needs at all stages
To make the peaceful realm within any trend
That’s only possible by supporting arts
Great emperor— most welcome on our earth

(C) S Afrose,BD

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