Love You Mom
For all that you have done

love you mom
Love you mom

When I do try to read your concerned face

And smile brightly, ear to ear

My two newly formed milk teeth showing up

It brings a smile to your soft yet dry lips

And cheerfulness in your weary eyes

It so very beautifully highlights

The dimples in your cheeks 

Though I in my naughtiness never realise

How you’ve forgotten your favourite

Glosses, mascaras, balms and kohls

Dumped inside those dark drawers

And that I am the real culprit behind

Those parched lips and dry eyes

But still when

I do try to read your affectionate face

And throw my arms open

To embrace and cuddle you tightly

It brings a smile to

Your fatigued burnt out face

Thank you Mom for being so loving

And for understanding

And adjusting to my needs

Playing naughtily

I crouch behind the Sofa

But you have your ways to find me out

And then 

Silly faces, soiled hands, spilt milk

And this is almost a daily affair

Again you did it today, your eyes question me

Your face reflecting your irritation

But as I cleverly turn myself into an innocent naive

How lovingly you hug me tight

And get back to undo everything that I spoilt

The saga continues………..

Thank you Mom for forgiving

My childhood innocent naughtiness

As we move a bit further

You plan my school and studies meticulously 

How dedicatedly you are always behind me 

As if it isn’t me but you who’s going to be judged

While making me do my homework

Your attitude strict towards me

Makes me hate you to the core

And curse myself for being granted with the worst Mom in the world

But you with your considerate nature and sensitivity 

Let go all those negativities

Thanks Mom for neglecting

Those insensitive thoughts of mine

My adolescent years full of confusions

Vulnerable to change of emotions

Everyday new bringing in new commotions

Those mood disruptions and violent eruptions

You take it all as new challenge everyday

And handle it all so easily

As if you are determined not to let any obstacles obstruct my way

Thanks Mom for being do vigilant 

And protecting me always

When I start a new life with a new partner

And walk away on a different path altogether

And then at every juncture

Forgetting all what you did, I say

It’s my life, let me lead it my way

I don’t even realise how it crushes your tender heart

At this vulnerable age

Everytime you try open your mouth to even utter something

I feel, Oh now what grudges she might be having

I don’t realise that you’ve already had everything in your life that I have now

And even shared it with me more than happily

Your silent eyes express 

It’s just my company that you crave for

And some words of love that you wait for

So before it’s too late

And I’m left cursing my fate

Please help me one more time

And teach me how to deeply read one’s eyes

So that I’m well equipped to mend my ways

And understand the price of all that you have paid

And say

Love you Mom

For all that you’ve done 

-Ashu Verma Chaubey
Love You Mom

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For all that you have done

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