A chocolate for everyone, by everyone and for every occasion

A Chocolate
A Chocolate

Be it imported or Indian
A bar of chocolate is child’s-best-friend
Be it 5-star or Schmitten or Dairy-silk
It’s a perfect-gift for someone-in-love

Whether it be a birthday party
Raksha-Bandhan or any other reason
Chocolates have made their way
Into sweet-platters on all occasions

Whether it’s a child, belonging to business-family
Or that toddler, wearing torn-clothes
Sitting with a vegetable-seller lady
An éclairs imparts smile on their faces equally

The ballon-seller-boy outside ice-cream-parlour
Relishes just leftovers of his favourite-chocolate-ice-cream
And the children in the gullies behind
Find contentment in just an orange-candy

Such is this marvellous-creation
That can be prepared equally deliciously
By the world’s best master-chefs

Or beloved mother’s hands

-Ashu Verma

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