Inexpressive Dad – He is as tender as hard he is…

Inexpressive Dad
Inexpressive Dad
Inexpressive Dad, beautiful poetry for dad by Ashu Chaubey
Inexpressive Dad
Inexpressive Dad

The whole day he runs around, burning his fuel

Wrestling winds harsh and cruel

A sparkle in his childrens eyes means a world to him

He can go to any extent to realise their dreams 

Witnessing his kids engaging in mischievous tricks 

He doesn’t take a moment to act tough and take them to task

He too succumbs to pressures and sentiments

But is usually the last one to express 

Grill him, slash him, lacerate him or slit him

He neither sheds tears nor shrieks

For his tears, he knows to hide behind his eyes

While sharing all the nectar he has in his heart

He looks so harsh and so hard

But has that soft touch whenever his offsprings require

And then some remark

He’s a hard nut to crack

And some say He doesn’t care

For he’s the one who pretends that

He can withstand any amount of stress

For he is an

Overprotective, Overcaring, Overconsiderate


Inexpresssive DAD

Ashu Chaubey

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