Let’s Discuss Mental Health

Mental Health Positivity
Mental Health Positivity

Rohan was a fitness freak who had strict schedules and a lifestyle to adhere to.

Getting up early in the morning, an hour’s session at his favourite Gym, followed by his favourite black coffee and newspapers.

A steam bath followed by a shower and then a busy day at the office. He was always seen running around, meeting deadlines, busy in meetings.

Again a workout in the evening followed by a round of badminton at the club before he finally called his day off.

His other favourite hobbies were surfing the laptop for the topics of his interests and some news while listening to some rock and tapping his feet while munching on some delicious snacks.

Another thing that he enjoyed was relishing different cuisines in the choicest restaurants in the city. He wasn’t short of wealth and loved flaunting his lifestyle.

One thing that he highly disliked was social and family gatherings. He used to get bored during such family functions and hence normally avoided being a part of them.

It was his wife’s duty to attend to such functions on his behalf and also to look after his children’s needs.

As according to him he had more important tasks to perform in life.

Though he was one of the most promising and successful entrepreneurs, but he loved being him and only him.

He had no time to happily spend with his family. No outdoors, no picnics, no family time with his family. He never had the time to talk to his children or to discuss day to day affairs of his wife. He enjoyed loneliness and solitude, perhaps. And in the process, unknowingly he drew his family too in loneliness.

Though his wife and children had no shortage of money. Neither were they under any restrictions. Furthermore, they would regularly visit malls and movies, and much more but they felt alone. They missed him. But to him their demands were unjust. According to him, he was providing them with all the luxuries required to lead a contented life.

One morning while at the Gym he received a call. His daughter had collapsed, all of a sudden. She was rushed to a nearby hospital where she was admitted in ICU and all the tests were conducted.

She had suffered a severe anxiety attack, mimicking a heart attack, her blood pressure levels soaring very high. She was lucky to have been brought to the hospital in time otherwise her condition would have resulted in a stroke.

A series of other psychometric tests followed. And she was diagnosed with severe depression. What is this Rohini, Depression??? He screamed at his wife.

Rohan, please lower your volume. This is a hospital.

So what if it is? This is a private luxury suite. And I can behave the want here.

And did you guys never think about my reputation? What if the world comes to know about her disease. They are going to mock me that my only daughter suffers from a disorder that is usually associated with wants, desires, failures, and shortages.

What did I not provide to you all that she succumbed to such a disorder?

Love, emotions, and companionship Rohan. Did you ever think it this way  ???

Rohan, you have provided all the physical comforts and privileges that can be but have you ever thought that the children need you, your wife needs you.

You have provided the best to fight any physical ailment but have you ever thought of mental health. You have your own circle, your own way of enjoying yourself. But have you ever thought of asking them what they want, what they desire? Leave them alone have you ever felt like asking me what I want?

Rohan, we want you and not your wealth. It’s okay that wealth is required to maintain a healthy good lifestyle but presence is also required and cannot be replaced by wealth.

Do you ever realize, that when we attend parties, people sarcastically inquire about us? We hear whispers that family is unwanted by you. You know how it feels to hear all this. And you say the world will mock you.

Let me tell you this is the result of the mocking that we have faced over the years. You are responsible for her condition.

A healthy good lifestyle doesn’t only mean physical wellness. It also includes mental wellness.

And even now you are talking about physical fulfillment. Your family needs you to stay healthy and not your wealth Rohan.

Please try and understand.

Let’s Lend a Hand to those in Need

Let’s Lend our Ears and Pay some Heed

Let our Vocal Chords Raise their Concern

Let’s Guide Those

Who are in a State of Utter Confusion

And Assist our Fellow Beings Discern

Before They are Incarcerated

In the Pangs of Depression

Let’s join Hands to Fight 

And Unite to Preserve Life

Let’s Join Hands to Defeat Death

Let’s Ruminate before it’s too Late

Let’s All Join Hands 

To make this world A Better Place

Ashu Verma Chaubey

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