Health Is Wealth 

Dear friends Our kids are conscious and shy about discussing matters related to intimate parts. In their shyness, they sometimes hide things that could prove fatal at later stages. As our kids grow up, time and again we need to ask them about their bodies. We need to alert them of the consequences if they hide things from us. We need to make them comfortable in discussing problems related to intimate areas. We are their parents, we ought to know so that timely action can be taken to avoid major fatalities later on. Create awareness among kids regarding this. This story is inspired by true events that happened with someone I know.- by Rekha Mittal Gupta

Show your bum, to your mum….
Show your bum, to your mum….”

the girls sang in chorus, mocking Prajakta who confided in her besties that the pimples which had made her face the canvas till now were acquiring her bum also.

Prajakta was feeling uneasy for quite a few days due to pain in her right bum near the anus. When she touched the area, she found a pimple-like feeling. She also felt uneasiness in her stomach. Her appetite was also getting affected.

The eruption even pained like a pimple. Thinking that it would subside like others on her face, she endured the discomfort.

But, it was now more than a week and she felt it had grown up rather than subsided. She was feeling shy to share it with her mom so she tried to take suggestions from her besties who started teasing her.

When she reached home, her mom asked her if she was having her periods because she wasn’t walking properly. She just nodded instead of telling her the truth.

Her mom, Karuna felt awkward as she never walked like this even during her periods. She tried to implore to which Prajakta simply replied, ” I have got pad-rashes this time. It will get fine in a day or two”

Pad-rashes are common so her mother dropped the topic because she didn’t want to make her more uncomfortable.

In the evening, Prajakta went downstairs for cycling. The moment she sat on the seat, the seat hit that pimple and it burst.

She screamed due to the excruciating pain and fainted. Her mom rushed her to the hospital where she was admitted.

After a thorough examination, the doctors declared that her intestines, stomach and vagina all were filled with pus. They asked her parents about the eruption near the anus but they were clueless. All information was coming as a shock to them. They didn’t have the least idea of what was going on.

Emergency surgery was needed. As her parents were totally unaware, they thought of seeking a second opinion. Their family doctor too advised emergency surgery after going through all her reports.

Surgery was performed but internally, the damage was so worse that she couldn’t make it and breathed her last on the operation table.

Her parents were devastated as they had no clue about what was going on. Prajakta’s friends told them about what she had told them.

Her parents found themselves unaware and helpless. The loss they suffered was irreparable.

Who was at fault in all this?

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