Marriage by Dr. Arwa Saifi

A marriage works on give and take, 

New relationships you make, 

For your loved one you must care,

Everything with your partner, you must share. 

Forget trying to find the perfect mate,

Find someone with faults you can tolerate,

Then you need to master the art,

Of compromise right from the start. 

Sharing your life will have it’s constraints, 

Too many liberties result in complaints, 

Your partner’s well-being must matter to you, 

‘Cause they’re entitled to be happy too.

The burden of work must be evenly shared, 

Your partner should feel loved and cared,

When you get married, you’re part of a team, 

Fulfill your duties and share the same dream.

You must forgive when there’s a need, 

It’s a wonderful thing indeed, 

In each other, you must trust, 

Complete faith is a must.

Marriage bonds two people in body and mind, 

And allows them to appreciate the miracles they find, 

Great marriages are created by husbands and wives, 

Eternally being grateful they are in each other’s lives!

-Dr. Arwa Saifi

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