A Responsible Couple…

A Responsible Couple…
A Responsible Couple… by Santwana Neeraj
A Responsible Couple…

A couple whether made by choice,

Or by destiny, like a surprise

Go through plenty, 

Underneath those pretty smiles 

They say every couple is different,

Each one of them has their own journey 

While all this is true, one common denominator 

That most share, is the fight

To make it work, take it to the end,

Making compromises, of course from 

Both the ends..

Effortless at times, and some other time 

With the help of little effort,

Using all their positivity,

And a determination to live life to the fullest,

Together..for the sake of that family

They have made

For the goodwill of the lives,

Their parents have created,

A little bend here and there

To create smiles that will last forever!!

-Santwana Neeraj

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