VR Magic!

VR Magic!
VR Magic! by Dr. Arwa Saifi
VR Magic!

In a world of dreams where pixels come alive,

I don my headset ready to dive.

Into realms unknown, where fantasies reside,

Gaming’s magic with VR as my guide.

In a virtual landscape I wield my might,

Conquering enemies, embracing the fight.

With every swing, every spell I cast,

I become the hero, unsurpassed.

From ancient kingdoms to distant galaxies,

I explore worlds with limitless possibilities.

Sailing the seas or soaring through the sky,

I become the character, no longer shy.

But amidst the magic, I remember true,

The friends beside me, sharing the view.

Together we sing, laugh and explore,

Building memories forever more…

-Dr. Arwa Saifi

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