Drowning in Sadness 5-Day Challenge

Drowning in Sadness
Drowning in Sadness

Lived my husband and I in wondrous togetherness

Age erased not  its liveliness

Out of our sacred union we  begot a daughter

The apple of our eye for each other 

Grew up she into  a comely.lass

Academically  she was top class 

One day she from college didn’t return

Eloped she  with a loafer causing our hearts to burn

Tried tracing her through the police 

But she with him had migrated abroad  and relationships did cease

Sorrow enveloped us from then 

My husband  broken heartedly  left life’s den

In sadness now I drown

Waiting for my crown to tumble down!

-Usha N Shrinivaasun 

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