Fear 5-Day Challenge


What’s fear?

Not getting successful in a questionnaire

Or losing someone near and dear?

In mind, hundreds of questions

In heart, hundreds of emotions

Something that scares 

All these are something that gives rise to fear.

A girl stepping out of her place

Alone at night 

She’s made to believe that she’s not safe

That’s another fear every girl’s face

What will happen tomorrow

It will be a day of joy or sorrow

Every day, everyone faces this fear

Because the answer is unknown and not clear

But the fear is inside

Keeping everything aside

We ourselves have to fight

By being optimistic that everything going to be alright

With the fear of death 

One should not stop taking a breath

With the fear of failure

One should not stop being a player

How to heal 

It totally depends on how you deal

With the power of passion, faith, and prayer

One can be saviour and overcome any fear

-Ankita Bhatia

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