SCARE, DANGER,  HORROR 5-Day Challenge


Was cooking  up a stew

When the curtains rustled without a breeze or fan  to stir  it  anew

Wondering, sat down   to cut vegetables 

but already it was cut and on the table

Before I  could exclaim in surprise 

l saw the ladle stirring the pot and the steam arise

Screamed I in sheer fright

And about to take flight

When a voice  chilling  me to the bone spoke

“Hey girl feed me I am hungry,  they let me die hungry and broke”

The voice came closer and closer as I backed away

Slipped I on spilled water falling in disarray

Woke up to find bed clothes and I was on  the ground

My word!! What a dream which scared me to astound

-Usha N Shrinivaasun

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