Creaky Sounds Below 5-Day Challenge

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Dear readers… Creaky Sounds Below is my fifth or final story in the series of 5 emotional challenges. Here I have expressed the emotion of fear.
Creaky Sounds Below
Creaky Sounds Below

Below my bed, I’d hear weird sounds every night. I used to check daily below it and found nothing. Also, all four legs of the bed used to be firm.

I’d been hearing the sounds for a month, ever since the desolated house adjacent to our home was erased to the ground, to construct a new home, by the new landlords.

I’d heard from our housemaids and the watchman that the old house was haunted.

A spirit appeared in my dream one night to disclose, “I’m your neighbor, stop the new construction, or I’ll take refuge in your bed below.”

-Shashi Thakur

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