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“Your daughter, Kritika is having an affair with one of her classmates. Informing you because I care

A true well-wisher

18-year-old Kritika was celebrating her freedom after year-long diligence, devotion and determination.

Throughout her XII class, she focused on her studies. Now, after her board examinations, she yearned to rejuvenate herself till the time results were declared.

She wished to devote this period of her life to her physical health. For this, she had even started going for a morning walk and had also joined a yoga class.

While she was rejoicing in the pleasant April morning at a park, her father back home was fidgeting with the postcard with that message. Her mother too had creases of anxiety on her forehead.

“Give me the postcard, let me hide it before she comes. We will talk to her tactfully about it”, Anjali(Kritika’s mom)said while taking the postcard from her husband Brijesh’s hand.

After an hour, Kritika returned from her walk and yoga session. As usual, she freshened up and entered the kitchen to make a milkshake for herself. Her younger brother, Kapil had left for school. His new session had started.

What happened, dad? You are not reading the newspaper today”, she asked while sitting down next to him with the glass of milkshake in her hand.

” Arrey nothing beta, you tell me how was your morning walk and yoga” her dad changed the topic.

“I am enjoying, dad. I am loving this feeling of freedom“, she responded.

You never showed me your farewell pics. Now that you are free, show me the pics”, her father requested.

Even I would like to see, you were busy till now with your examination. We didn’t want to waste your time, but now, we are willing to see”, Anjali too added.

Surprised at her parents out of the blue desire to see farewell pics, she finished her milkshake and went inside to bring the photographs.

Together, they saw the pics. One particular boy was there with Kritika in every pic.

Her mother pointed out towards him and asked, “Who is this handsome? He is looking very smart.”

Lagra haina smart. I helped him decide on his farewell dress. He is a very good friend of mine”, Kritika said casually.

Her parents looked at each other. Brijesh asked, “You never introduced us to him. Never even brought him home, why so?”

When have I brought my male friends home? You only restricted me from inviting my male friends home. You yourself said that people gossip if they see a boy and a girl together.” Kritika reminded them.

Call him home. We don’t mind. We should know about your friends. Do you have only one male friend or more?” asked her dad.

Perplexed at her parents’ changed behaviour, she said, ” I have many male friends. But, he is my best friend. I love him”

Love? Are you having an affair? You are too small for all this love- shove. Right now concentrate on your career“, her mother screamed.

What mom??? I love you, I love dad, I love Kapil, I love my friends. Similarly, I love him. What’s the big deal?? Can’t a friend love another friend? Can’t a boy and a girl be best of friends? What has happened to you both? Why are you acting so weird?” she inquired

Her parents cooled down. Her father said, “Sorry beta, we thought you meant love affair. Still, we would like to say if you have feelings for anyone, we should be aware of it. We are your parents so we should know. We are not against it but it’s just that we want you to focus on your career”

Of course dad, you two would be the first persons to know about any such thing. Right now, I want to focus on my studies and goal of clearing the IAS examination“, Kritika confirmed.

Her parents breathed a sigh of relief and later on burnt that postcard.

-Rekha Mittal Gupta

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