A Free Bird

A Free Bird
A Free Bird

While she was walking on the court steps,

The whole universe witnessed,

The dark scars on her body;

That told the story of her bravery,

Amidst the violence by her in-laws;

The judge adjourned the court,

By declaring,

“Divorce granted!”

The people who stood behind her

Cheered, “You are a free bird now!”

The blue sky turned got filled with dark clouds,

While her eyes were full of tears,

Slowly, they started to roll down her cheeks,

And the clouds started to wash away the scars,

And wipe away the pain,

She got it from him and her in-laws;

The next day,

She realized,

Her shuddering mornings have gone,

And now she is a free bird!

-Shrawani Krishna

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