Who are you?

Who are you?
Who are you?

You are the ever-moving moonlight of the moon

Or are you a newly shed leaf of the patshad ritu (senescence)

Are you a pearl of the dew

Or are you the light of everyone’s eye?

You ease all the pain in a matter of seconds

Are you the powder of the graveyard?

Are you on the bank of the river Saryu?

Or are you a water stream of the pure and sacred Ganges

You sing very spectacular songs

Are you the raga Malhar (in classical music)?

Are you the first ray of the sun?

Or are you the hawan kund of the Munis .

Your words are very sweet

Are you the 56 sweet dishes (Chappan bhoga)

Are you the enthusiasm of brave soldiers?

Or the field of agricultural farmers

Are you the caretaker of the entire world?

Are you the conduct of good people (with a strong character)

Are you the love of Lord Krishna?

Or are you the sword of King Rana?

Your glimpse is an event in itself

Are you any special incarnation?

You are the rain for drought-affected areas

Or are you the pleasant shade in scorching summers

Are you the dark night with twinkling stars?

Are you the shadow of the moon? Are you the warm sunshine of the winter?

Or are you the representative of any race of humans

After suffering from all kinds of torture, you are silent

Oh woman

After all, who are you??

-Anushka Gupta

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