HIS CARE- Breast Cancer Awareness 2022

His Care

In a beautiful mansion,

A cute couple was sleeping in their bedroom, hugging each other.

The girl was sleeping with a pout on her face while keeping her head on her husband’s chest. The sun’s rays peeked through the couple’s room window to disturb their sleep. Because of it, Khushi snuggled more into her Husband, Arnav, Who smiled seeing his wife’s actions.

Their marriage is a love marriage, But they won’t live with their parents as their families abandoned them.

Arnav is a great designer. He owns K designs while His love is a famous writer.

Everything is good in their life, they didn’t feel bad because their parents didn’t accept their love. They trust their parents would accept them one day.

Khushi is famous around the world with the name Ocean of Happiness through her writings. And Arnav is famous across the world for his K designs.

man in white tank top kissing woman in black tank top
Love & Care

Khushi opened her eyes and hues of red formed on her cheeks, seeing her husband’s intense look.

“Wah! What a sight to start my day!” Arnav comments seeing her blushing.

Khushi smiled and beat him on his shoulders playfully.

“Shut up and get up, we need to get ready for the day.” Khushi walked down from the bed.

Just then a reminder popped up on Arnav’s mobile.

“Oh shit!” He cursed himself.

Khushi turned and looked at him frowning,” Huh?”

“I forgot your doctor has given you an appointment today, for a regular check-up.”

He said while biting his cheeks.

Khushi made a face, hearing the name Doctor.

“Let us get ready fastly so that we can reach on time.” He rushed to get ready, not having a choice, she also went to get ready.

While getting ready Khushi notices small lumps on her breasts, and she immediately calls Arnav. Arnav who was wearing his shirt runs towards her hearing her worried voice.

“What happened? Why are you looking tense?” Arnav asked her hurriedly.

She once looked towards the windows and took his hand and kept it on her breast.

Arnav was at first bewildered by her move, but later he felt something different.

“Khu…Khushi are you feeling any irritation or anything different? “ He asked her eagerly, lots of unwanted things were running through his mind. His heart is thudding with fear of something happening to his Jaan.

Khushi nodded her head no. He then immediately helps her in getting ready.

“What is happening to me, Arnav?” She asked with tears in her eyes.

Arnav looks at her, and cups her face,” Nothing is going to happen to you, I won’t let anything happen to you.”

One hour later, Arnav and Khushi were sitting in the hospital waiting for their turn. 15 mins later, the doctor took Khushi to the examination room, and Arnav also went with them, to give her much-needed support.

person holding a medical prescription
Doctor’s Visit

It was mid-noon, Arnav and Khushi along with the Doctor came out after being done with the tests.
Now they are sitting in the cabin,

“You did a good thing, Mr. Arnav! by coming here. The lumps on your Mrs. Arnav’s breasts are cancerous.”

Khushi and Arnav are shocked to the core.

Arnav held Khushi’s hand in his tightly with fear of losing her.

“We have seen many women who ignore these symptoms. And that leads them to the last stage. You did a good thing by coming here and getting tested.” The doctor said and looked at the couple in front of her.

“Is there anything serious, Doctor?” Khushi asked worriedly.

“It would have become serious if you have delayed getting tested.” The doctor’s words gave hope to Arnav.

He looked at the Doctor and said,” Doctor, you mean…”

“Yes, Mr. Arnav. The lumps that formed on your wife’s breasts are at the starting stage only. They can be cured soon with little medication.” Arnav and Khushi sighed in relief.

The same day evening, Arnav and Khushi were sitting near the pool in their room.

Khushi was on Arnav’s lap and he was kissing her hair from time to time. Their heart still thudding with the possibility of facing the worst.

“Thanks to God! You have confided in me at the right time, forgetting about your shyness. Otherwise, God forbid we don’t know what we should have faced.” Arnav said.

Khushi smiled looking at them and sneaked her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly.

close up shot of a pink ribbon on a calendar
Breast Cancer Awareness

“I have decided to write a book on the awareness of breast cancer in women. I will be happy. If it helps at least some.”

Arnav looks at her proudly, “Very good idea. My full support for you. I am so proud of you.” He kissed her forehead.


His Care

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