An Incomplete Love Story (Hamari Adhoori Kahaani)

An Incomplete Love Story
An Incomplete Love Story

Hamari Adhoori Kahaani

Kitne door door hon un dono ke raaste
Mil jaate hain jo banein Ek duje ke waste

Did these lines ring some bells in your heart??? They do so in my case.

Every time these melodious lines hit my eardrums, I am transported to the boulevards of the most unrealistic, utopian, beautiful but short-lived phase of my life. Truly, Dil To Pagal Hai.

I was working as the Branch Manager in one of the esteemed banks of Delhi when I met Moneesh through a match-making site on the Internet. Yes, as I was ready to start the next innings of my life, so I had registered myself on a match-making site, of course with the knowledge of my family members.

There, the profile of Moneesh clicked me. I contacted him, keeping my family members in dark with regard to this. I had thought that if things would work out between the two of us, only then will I inform my family members.

To tell you the truth, I too craved to experience love and be involved in the category of couples who call their marriage a love-cum-arranged Moneesh worked in an IT firm in Silicon Valley. He lived there as a PG but basically, he was from Noida, Uttar Pradesh where his entire family stayed. We started talking to each other on the internet. Orkut, the now-vanished site, played a great role in sailing our boat of understanding each other.

After some time, we exchanged phone numbers and started talking over the phone every time I saw his number blinking on my mobile screen, a smile would grace my face. I waited for his calls and when love took over friendship, pata hi ni chala. Although we had not met each other yet, love was in full bloom. We chatted for hours.

Whenever we would get time, we would connect through a webcam and converse with each other. Moneesh was a person who was relatively clear in his thoughts and had a calm nature. On the other hand, I was a garrulous and bubbly kind of girl. The law of opposites attracts held true in our case.

With each passing day, our fondness grew and now, we were anxious to meet each other. Moneesh informed me that he would be flying to Delhi to meet me this coming Saturday. All sorts of butterflies flapped their wings in my stomach, liver, lungs, and heart hearing this news.

As the day of our meeting drew closer, the longing and exhilaration of my heart were becoming evident on my face. A crescent moon was always adorning my countenance. My face was radiating like a new bride. I felt as if we had been separated since various births. At last, the much-awaited moment arrived

Jaise dil hai dhadkan hai, ek duje ke waaste
Jaise aankh hai darpan hai, ek duje ke waaste
Jaise barkha sawan hai, ek duje ke waaste
Ik sajni ik saajan hai, ek duje ke waaste
Ek duje ke waaste, ek duje ke waaste
Ek duje ke waaste

My heart affirmed that we were meant for each other.

It was the first instance (and 🤞 hopefully the last as well) that I was meeting a guy and none of my family members knew about it.

“What if something goes wrong?” suspected my mind

“No, no, nothing would go wrong. They know each other for quite some time. He is a decent guy, flying all the way to Delhi just to meet her. Trust me, I know this would be the best meeting of her life. Don’t irk her more. Let her go peacefully, without apprehensions”, countered my heart.

The D-day arrived. All anxious and with myriad emotions shrouding each cell of my body, I stood waiting under the Dhaula Kuan bridge at 2:00 pm.

At 2:05 pm, I got a tremendous adrenaline rush as I saw his number blinking on my mobile phone. I knew he was somewhere near. Despite being nervous, I flashed the best of my smiles and picked up the call.

He said, “Hi beautiful, sit in the red car that stops in front of you in the next few seconds”

“You still have time, run away from here. Your family is unaware of your whereabouts. If something happens, they won’t be able to even trace you”, my mind once again cautioned me.

“Shut up you cynical box. Don’t stress her. She will be fine. I guarantee you. Now dare you to utter a single depressive word”, my heart warned my mind.

As the brawl was going on between my mind and heart, a red car stopped in front of me and honked once. The rear door opened from the inside. Leaving behind all trepidations and bracing myself with conviction, I hopped into the car. One look at him and all my remnant anxiety evaporated into thin air. It didn’t appear even once that I was meeting him for the first time.

Our eyes met and we both hugged each other. He gifted me a bouquet of roses and a teddy bear keyring and I gifted him a bouquet of chocolates.

Coincidentally, both of us were wearing clothes of the same colour. He was wearing a lemon yellow coloured shirt and blue jeans and I too was wearing a lemon yellow coloured top and blue jeans. It came across as if we have got our outfits tailored.

We both sat holding each other’s hands and asked the driver to drive us to Rajdhani Restaurant at Connaught Place.

After reaching there, when we got down from the car and started walking towards the restro, we both couldn’t control our laughter. Both of us were limping with our right legs.

It so happened that about a month ago, both of us had met with a small accident at around the same time. In that accident, the little finger of my right leg was broken and his right leg, right arm, and right shoulder were hurt. We both still had pain in our feet so we both were limping.

After reaching inside, Moneesh excused himself to go to the washroom.

While he was away, a waiter came to me and handed me a wallet saying, “Ma’am, your husband’s wallet. It had fallen.”

I reddened and acquainted the waiter that he was not my husband.

He apologized and said, “Both of you were limping as if you both had an accident together. You both are wearing the same style and coloured clothes, so I mistook you guys to be man and wife. I am sorry.”

When Moneesh returned, I told him everything while handing over his wallet.

Moneesh asserted, “Soon his words will come true and we will be husband and wife.”

Saying so, he kissed me on my cheek and hugged me. Now I was sure that Moneesh and I were made for each other.

We talked a lot. After lunch, he informed me that next week was his birthday and two days after his birthday, he would take a week off during which, he would go to meet his parents and talk about us.

Thereafter, he would come to my house with his parents with the marriage proposal.

I was on seventh heaven. I had never reckoned that sitting in Delhi, I would fall in love with a boy from Bangalore.

He dropped me back near my residence and swore to return soon.

I was on cloud nine. I yearned to share everything with my parents but he had asked me to wait.

Everything seemed like a fairytale. He called to inform me that he has safely reached his PG.

By late evening, all my ecstasy took a back seat and for reasons unknown, gloom engulfed me.

The only lines that kept ringing in my mind were

Hum donon ik jaan hain, do dil ik armaan hain
Lekin ab is mod par, dekhein daaman chhodkar
Waqt ka hai yeh faisla, hum tum ho jaayein juda
Maagein khushiyon ki dua ek duje ke waaste
Maagein khushiyon ki dua ek duje ke waaste
Ek duje ke waaste, ek duje ke waaste
Ek duje ke waste

I slept a not-so-peaceful sleep that night. But, again started a new day with new hope.

Pucho Zara Pucho
Mujhe kya his hai
Kaesi bekaraari hai
Kaesa nasha hai…..

After our first meeting, the depth of our love further deepened. My mom too perceived the transition in me and asked, “What’s the matter? You look quite happy these days.”

Don’t you want me to be happy“, I retorted.

I didn’t mean that. I just want to know what or who is the reason behind your happiness. Is there something we should know about?” she implored.

Uffff!!! Mom, you are too much“, saying so I quickly went away from that room.

Just wait for a few days mom, you will soon get to know the reason behind my happiness”, I said to myself

Moneesh’s birthday was approaching. I wanted to make it extraordinary for him.

I found a bakery near my workplace which also had a branch in Bangalore. I ordered a butterscotch cake, a bouquet of flowers, and a pen set at the Delhi branch to be delivered to his office by the Bangalore branch.

When Moneesh had come to Delhi to meet me, I had stealthily noted down the address of his office from his Identity Card.

gift in pink box with scattered petals around
Birthday Surprise

I was super enthusiastic contemplating his reaction to discovering my birthday surprise. His lunchtime started at 1:00 pm, so I had ordered the items to be delivered by 12:45 pm.

The moment the bakery confirmed to me that the order has been received by Mr. Moneesh, I crossed my fingers and with my heart hammering in my chest, I waited for his call.

My phone buzzed at 1 pm sharp. The moment I received the call, he showered me with kisses. In his euphoric voice, he said, “Thank you, thank you so very much for such a beautiful surprise. Where did you take my office address from?

“We will talk about it all later. First, cut the cake before your lunch break gets over“, I suggested

” No, I won’t cut the cake without you. Connect through webcam. I am waiting. We will celebrate together”, he was adamant.

I connected through a webcam and the moment he saw me, he blew a flying kiss towards me. All his colleagues were climbing over each other to catch a glimpse of me.

I felt so shy. For the first time in our relationship, he said, “I LOVE YOU”. His friends cheered and hooted, all impatient to hear my response.

I turned red, my face was all rosy without any artificial rose. I whispered back, ” I LOVE YOU”

Everyone clapped and whistled. Then, he cut the birthday cake.

This birthday surprise openly acknowledged my feelings for him. He too accepted his affection with full fervor. Moneesh liked my surprise and his colleagues also appreciated my efforts.

Seeing the happiness and radiance on his face, I was all the more elated.

Just two to three more days and he will be at my home with his parents“, thought I.


My enthusiasm, the scenes of birthday party celebrations and Moneesh’s exuberance didn’t allow me to sleep on time that night. As a result, I woke up late, and in my haste to reach the office on time, I forgot to take my cell phone along with me.

Imagine, of all the things, I forgot to take my cell phone along with me.

All day I remained restless for not being able to talk to him. I was time and again scolding myself for this negligence. I was wondering what would he think if he would call and got no response.

Oh, God!!! What if mom attends his call?”
“Oh ho!!! How can I be so careless?” such thoughts unnerved me the whole day.

When I reached home, my mom admonished me, “Why didn’t you take your phone with you? All day, it kept on ringing disturbing me so much.”

Hesitantly, I asked, “Why didn’t you attend the calls?

Am I being paid to play the job of your secretary?” my mom queried sarcastically.

Thank God, she didn’t take my calls“, I murmured and went to my room.

I checked the missed calls and received the surprise of my life. There was not even a single missed call from Moneesh.

Dil ye bechain we…..

Annoyed, then tensed, I kept my ego at bay and called him. But, no response.

My mom called me out for evening snacks but I was in no mood. I was feeling grumpy. Nevertheless, I went to have a cup of tea.

While having snacks, my cell phone rang. To my mom’s utter surprise, I picked up my mobile at the lightning speed. It was Moneesh’s call.

I ran towards my room, picked up the call, and began complaining, “Forgotten me, so soon????”

A female voice responded, “Hello beta, I am Moneesh’s mother.”

I went numb. I didn’t know how to react.

Moneesh had told me that he would go to his parents’ place two days after his birthday, how come he had reached there today only. And, even if there was any change of plan, why didn’t he inform me? And whatever it be, why is his mom calling me? Do they not approve of our relationship? Has she barred him from talking to me?” myriad questions were banging through my brain walls.

Hello, hello beta, are you there?? Am I talking to Kiran?” asked his mom

Back to the phone call, I said, “Hello, Namaste Aunty.”

Namaste beta, How are you?”, she inquired

I am fine, aunty. Thank you. When did Moneesh come to Noida?” I asked hesitantly.

Kiran, actually we have come to Bangalore. Moneesh suffered a severe stomachache today morning. His friends got him admitted to the hospital where he was diagnosed with Hernia. Doctors recommended immediate surgery. We asked them to give him some medication so that we could bring him to Noida but, doctors suggested otherwise. So we had to fly to Bangalore. Right now, he is in the post-operative ICU. I met him once there and in a dizzy state, he asked me to inform you

I had the rug swept out from under my feet.
Unable to assimilate the information, I choked. Even in that condition, he was worried about me.

Sensing my condition, she assured me that he was fine and she would ask him to call me the next day. We then bid each other bye and disconnected the call.

Kya se kya hoooo gaya….

Looking at my urgency towards that phone call, my mom too had followed me and she had heard the entire conversation. She came to me, hugged me, and asked me about Moneesh.

Finally, I spilled the beans. My mom promised to talk to dad and also assured me that we would go to Bangalore.

I was so relieved. My mom was not furious, instead, she became my pillar of support in this predicament.

Everything was so adorable till yesterday, but today my life went topsy turvy.

The next day, I didn’t receive any call from Moneesh. My mom told me to call him. I called up at around 6:30 pm.

This time also aunty picked up the call. She informed me that everything was fine after the operation, but at around midnight, he again started having a lot of trouble and on re-examination, it was found that pus cells were forming inside, so the doctors once again did emergency surgery.

This time, even Auntie sounded nervous.

I informed her that I am coming to Bangalore with my dad this weekend.

Auntie asked me not to. She said that they would bring him to Noida and get him treated there. After a week, they came to Noida.

Every time I asked aunty if I could come to meet Moneesh, she denied it. I could sense her discomfort and irritation while talking to me. I felt she considered me jinxed for her son. I stopped calling.

Days turned into weeks and weeks into months and I didn’t hear from him for almost four months.

I had kind of stopped missing him. Initially, I was dejected, depressed but then I accepted that we were not made for each other. I just wanted to know if he was fine or not.

One day, while I was having dinner with mom and dad, I saw Moneesh’s number flashing on my screen. My happiness knew no bounds. I immediately picked up the call.

After inquiring about his condition, I told him that I yearned to meet him to which he replied that I should forget him.

Unable to bear his indifference, tears started rolling down. My dad snatched the phone from me and talked to him.

After disconnecting the call, my dad told me that his condition was deteriorating day by day. His body was not responding to the treatment. My dad informed me that he doesn’t want me to see him in that condition.

I requested my dad to take me once to meet him.

We went the next day. He had become bedridden. As per doctors, he didn’t have much time left. I hugged him and cried.

He said, “You are the best thing that happened to me in my life. You have given me the best days of my life. You made me experience loveBut now, I want you to promise me that you will move ahead in your life. You will never try to find out about me from anyone. Promise me, the moment you leave my home today, you will close my chapter from your life forever. Our love story was not meant to be….”

For one last time, I hugged him. I didn’t want to go from there, but…..

He told me not to look back at him again……

After returning home, as I gazed out the casement towards the moonless sky, I felt the pain of the moon who was somewhere brooding alone like me.

Us Rab Ne Jab Dil Diye
Dil Ke Do Tukde Kiye
Dono Mein Ek Naam Leikha
Ek Radha Ek Shyam Likha
Ab Ye Dil Dhadakte Hain
Milte Aur Bichhadte Hain

Radha and Shyam were never destined to become one………….

This is a fictional take inspired by the true life events of someone close to my heart.

-Rekha Mittal Gupta

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