Long-Distance Love Story

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Long-Distance Love Story
Long-Distance Love Story by Miss Writer

Hii friends, today I’m here to write a story which is based on long-distance love. This can be an interesting story that can make you emotional and also smile. So let’s start with the topic. 

Long-Distance Love Story
Long-Distance Love Story

What’s long-distance love?

The love which is done unconditionally, but has some distance which is long. This love can’t be measured in metres or kilometres, because love is uncountable. Love doesn’t give any quantity, it just gives you peace, affection and care. 

Long-Distance Love Story

Once there was a girl who didn’t like any of the boys. That girl used to hate boys so much that she couldn’t see any girl in front of her. This continued till her hating level didn’t reduce. Her friends tease her by telling her that she’ll be the first one to be married in her friends circle. She didn’t like their teasing and started getting angry with the people around her. 

But this changed when she got a guy who could understand her. It wasn’t any boyfriend, but best friend. They both met each other on social apps. The day when she started talking she didn’t know that they both will understand each other so much that they can’t recognise themselves that much. They both talked to her soberly, softly and calmly. At first, as usual they asked for some personal details and trusted each other by sharing each other’s contact number. 

The love can’t be done only by girlfriend and boyfriend, but it’s also between two best friends. Because love is not just saying those words to your love, but to do some caring, and stay with each other whenever they need them. They both were just like that. One was strict like a teacher, while the other was normal like a student but not so strict and sincere. But when he does his work, he always concentrates so much that he doesn’t like to get interrupted in between. The girl always used to remind him of things when he forgets them. They both like to spend time with each other though they have understood eech other very much. 

Hence the love just can’t be between girlfriend or boyfriend. But it can also be between two best friends who always care for each other and support each other in every situation. No matter what happens, they don’t give up and don’t leave each other in need. The one who can understand each other every time, they’re called as real and true friends. So the girl would be happy and thankful to God when she’ll get such a person who can understand her and takes good care of her unconditionally and will support her every time. Love doesn’t have any tag, that’s we, who’ve given the tag to love and this is followed by everyone in this world. 

Thank you all for spending your time reading this one. I’ll be back with another topic till then don’t think that love can be done by them only, even you can also love anyone, whether the person is your brother, sister, best friend or even your cousin. Thank you everyone. 

-Miss Writer

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