LADIES FIRST – Compassion & Empathy

LADIES FIRST - Compassion & Empathy
LADIES FIRST – Compassion & Empathy

Liar, liar, pants on fire
Liar, liar, pants on fire

Kshitij spoke out loud and he had tears in his eyes. Sunaina wiped her wet hands on the apron and rushed towards the room from where she could hear Kshitij scream.

She saw him standing facing his dad. His dad, Rajat looked clueless. When Rajat saw Sunaina, he pleaded for help through eye contact.

Sunaina entered the room, knelt towards Kshitij, and asked, “What happened, beta? Why are you so upset?”

“I am upset because papa is a liar and I hate liars”, saying so, he stomped his foot on the floor and ran from there with tears trickling down his cheeks.

I swear I don’t remember committing and not fulfilling anything” perplexed  Rajat held Sunaina by the shoulders and informed.

“Then why is he behaving like this?” asked Sunaina.

No idea“, Rajat was himself bewildered.

Both Rajat and Sunaina went to Kshitij’s Spider-Man-themed room. He was staring outside the web-designed window.

Sunaina cleared her throat to attract his attention. He turned around and his gloomy eyes conveyed his displeasure.

Is something bothering you, champ?” asked Sunaina.

Mumma, I love you and I don’t like watching you sweating out all through the day preparing meals and organizing the home. I had asked dad if we would help mumma on the weekend. He agreed but see, since morning, he is over the phone talking to someone or the other. If he was not interested in helping you, then why did he agree? He is a liar, a big liar. His words have no value“, innocent Kshitij spilled the beans.

When we have to go somewhere, dad asks you to go first saying LADIES FIRST. When we are at a restaurant, he opens the chair for you saying LADIES FIRST. Whenever we are outside, he asks you to do things first saying LADIES FIRST.

His LADIES FIRST is all fake, just a show-off in front of others. In reality, he doesn’t mean it. He lives a life of a lie in front of the whole world exhibiting how much he respects you but at home, he doesn’t show even a wee bit of respect”, Kshitij continued.

Beta, I love and respect your mom. It’s the truth and I mean it“, Rajat interrupted.

Is it? Then why did you not remain on your word of helping mom this weekend? YOU PROMISED. Your promise was a lie. Also, tell me,  where does your LADIES FIRST go when it’s mealtime? She prepares meals in this hot sultry weather and instead of asking her to have the meals first, you demand the food first sitting in Air Conditioned room”, Kshitij was badly hurt.

Rajat had no reply, Sunaina was touched by her son’s empathy and compassion whereas Kshitij was of course very upset.

-Rekha Mittal Gupta

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