MILES AWAY (Long-Distance Love)

MILES AWAY by Ledarose Delima

Two hearts met from miles away.

Dating Him at night and Her at day.

We don’t mind the distance anyway.

As long as our hearts tied up everything would be okay.

But in every relationship.

It always need to face the hardship.

Just like a sailor traveling in a ship.

Fighting too hard to overcome the big waves in an ocean deep.

Waiting over the phone.

All ears, afraid to misses the ringtone.

When the lights turning on.

My heart’s jumping into joy for too much sensation.

We both not sure, where would love bring us.

Nor how long should we wait to have a chance.

One thing I’m sure, you’re my dream wanted to chase.

And praying to have and own in God’s grace.

-Ledarose Delima

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